Earth Day 2018

Earth Day shouldn't be about politics. It should be about what the people who live on this planet can do to make it a cleaner place. It became political when Donald Trump appointed Scott Pruitt,a denier of climate change who has sued the EPA multiple times,to be the head of the EPA. Once Pruitt was confirmed he wasted no time undoing everything former President Obama put into place to protect this planet. Pruitt isn't the only person appointed by Trump who wants to do things that won't make anything better. Ryan Zinke seems bent on keeping people from visiting national parks and landmarks by raising the entrance fees or implementing entrance fees at places that have always been free. No one in the Trump administration cares that our oceans are filled with tons of plastic which frequently causes the death of many types of wildlife.
Donald Trump is also a threat to planet Earth with his obsession with drilling for oil and mining for coal. Both are toxic to Earth,the people who live on Earth,and all forms of wildlife. Mining for coal would further pollute the air we breathe and drilling for oil will lead to the inevitable leaking pipeline or even worse,an oil spill in an ocean.


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