Why we need stricter gun laws

The United States has one of the highest number of gun related deaths. It is far too easy for people who have a criminal record and mentally ill people to get a gun. Just look at how many mass shootings we've had in recent years. On top of that,black people always have that worry in their mind that they can be shot and possibly killed by a police officer at any time. It does not help matters when many Republicans are backed by the NRA.
After the two shootings that happened just days ago,now is the time we have a talk about guns. I fully support the second amendment however I choose not to ever own a gun. This is because when I was 11 I saw my father hold a gun to his head and threaten to kill himself. I feel that no good comes from guns but I won't deny anyone their constitutional rights.
I do feel that there should be a requirement that you pass a psych evaluation and take a class on gun safety before you're allowed to purchase a gun. I also think that gun shows and private sales should be illegal because they make it easier for criminals to get a gun. Just think of how many lives would be saved if gun shows and private sales were illegal.


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