Donald Trump is a cancerous growth to this country

When Donald Trump announced he was running for president I thought it was a bad joke as I'm sure many other Americans did as well. However,as he began his campaign I quickly grew disgusted by the things he was saying and by the fact that he purposefully incited violence and hatred at his many rallies. Despite my disgust,I was certain that Hillary Clinton would win the election and be our first female president. Unfortunately,that's not what happened.
Instead of waking up to the news that Hillary Clinton was our next president I woke up and learned the devastating news that Donald Trump would be the president. Prior to this election I wasn't really involved in politics at all but this election was a turning point for me. It was like I was seeing how the world really is for the first time and I didn't like what I saw. 
After I took a couple of weeks to adjust to this new reality where a man with absolutely no political experience would be running this country I started making daily phone calls to my Congress and Senate reps. I also began signing more petitions and speaking out more on social media,especially on Twitter. As with anything,there is a downside to being loud about things you care about. I have dealt with numerous trolls,most of which were harmless but there were some who were vicious like the individual who told me I should kill myself.
I know that violence has always been a part of this country but to see a president call for his opponent to be taken care of by strong supporters of the second ammendment was terrifying. As time passed,I began to feel immense hatred towards Donald Trump and the GOP who are doing everything in their power to destroy this country simply for the money.
It is no coincedence that the spike in hate crimes started shortly after Donald Trump won the election. His supporters already had hatred in them but Donald Trump emboldened them to act on their worst desires and that is what makes him a cancer to this country and it's why he must be impeached now before he does something to trigger World War III.


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