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Racism in the United States

Racism has always been a problem in this country starting when white settlers from England made this their home. The white settlers stole from Native American people and murdered many of them as well. However,that was just the beginning of the long racist history of the country now known as the United States of America. For centuries black people were enslaved by white people and they endured unspeakable crimes committed against them.
It was not uncommon for slave owners to rape female slaves nor was it uncommon for black people to be lynched. This hatred of black people still exists to this very day and the hatred is spreading to include anyone who has brown skin,especially Muslims. The fact that we have a president who has an irrational hatred of anyone who isn't white only makes racial tensions worse. I'm smart enough to know that racism never ended in this country but Donald Trump has lead all of these white supremacists and Nazis to believe that our country is under sieg…

An interview with three people who voted for Hillary Clinton

When I first came up with the idea to interview people who had voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election I admit to wanting to hear from people who voted her because they legitimately like her as a person and not because Bernie Sanders lost the primary. While I don't agree with every response to the questions I asked I respect the people I interviewed for taking the time to share their thoughts and opinions with me and the people who read this.

1. Why did you vote for Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump?

Sarah:I voted for Hillary Clinton in the November Election for a multitude of reasons, and they all relate to the way Donald Trump and his supporters treat people. Their behavior suggested that he did not support the majority of Americans and the ones they didn't support were going to suffer. 

Elizabeth Roderick: Mostly because Trump is a terrifying racist misogynist who ran on wanting to deport Latinx and Muslim people, support big business and the rich at the expense of t…

Why we need stricter gun laws

The United States has one of the highest number of gun related deaths. It is far too easy for people who have a criminal record and mentally ill people to get a gun. Just look at how many mass shootings we've had in recent years. On top of that,black people always have that worry in their mind that they can be shot and possibly killed by a police officer at any time. It does not help matters when many Republicans are backed by the NRA.
After the two shootings that happened just days ago,now is the time we have a talk about guns. I fully support the second amendment however I choose not to ever own a gun. This is because when I was 11 I saw my father hold a gun to his head and threaten to kill himself. I feel that no good comes from guns but I won't deny anyone their constitutional rights.
I do feel that there should be a requirement that you pass a psych evaluation and take a class on gun safety before you're allowed to purchase a gun. I also think that gun shows and priv…

Pride Month

I grew up in two towns with peers who were,as far as I know,all heterosexual. There was also a huge lack in books written by authors who were LGBT and even less books available to me that featured a LGBT main character. Because of this I spent my teen years,all of my twenties,and three years of my thirties believing I was straight despite finding certain females attractive. I was also attracted to a friend of mine who happened to be gay. At the time I didn't know what that meant but it made me feel like the freak everyone I went to high school with said I was. Even after kissing another woman in my late twenties I still was stuck in the mindset that I was straight. It wasn't until I was 33 that I came out. The thing that made me realize that I'm not straight was reading about the Spectrum. At first I believed I was bisexual but in the back of my mind,that didn't seem right. When I read about pansexuality I knew that was what I identified as. It was as if a long missin…

Donald Trump is a cancerous growth to this country

When Donald Trump announced he was running for president I thought it was a bad joke as I'm sure many other Americans did as well. However,as he began his campaign I quickly grew disgusted by the things he was saying and by the fact that he purposefully incited violence and hatred at his many rallies. Despite my disgust,I was certain that Hillary Clinton would win the election and be our first female president. Unfortunately,that's not what happened. Instead of waking up to the news that Hillary Clinton was our next president I woke up and learned the devastating news that Donald Trump would be the president. Prior to this election I wasn't really involved in politics at all but this election was a turning point for me. It was like I was seeing how the world really is for the first time and I didn't like what I saw.  After I took a couple of weeks to adjust to this new reality where a man with absolutely no political experience would be running this country I started …